Tesla Motor: Model S Electric vehicle


In April 21, 2015, Tesla Motors proudly to announce that all Model S variants had received a maximum possible 5-star rating in the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). With the score of 35.45 out of 37, Model S of tesla new electric car has been received the highest rating of any electric vehicle in Australia. It is recognized around the world that Model S is already holds with a five-star rating electric vehicle car from the Euro NCAP and the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).


Tesla had produced a very efficient car that is Model S with a Tesla super charger battery on it. Comparing with other electric vehicles, most of them charge with the battery duration time count by hours, but only BMW i3 and Model S are charged by minutes. Comparing the size of BMW i3 and Model S, Model S with fully charged battery is only used 40 minute as for BMW i3 with a fully charged battery used up to 30minutes. Which that Tesla Motor is being successful working on their battery charged in a normal size car. However, BMW i3 charged with 30minute full power but only can travel with the range of 80-100mi, as for Tesla Motor it can travel up to 208mi which is more superiority compare to BMWi3.


Although Tesla Model S is very efficient and high rating in electric vehicle, but the price isn’t cheap at all. With the market price that they are selling now is $69,999, which is quite expensive for normal car consumer spender to buy, and the price aren’t coming down just yet. Do you think that consumer will buy such expensive car? Tesla Motor is targeting customers that are successful business executives and entrepreneurs who are tech savvy and green friendly.

Even though Model S is doing great as a luxury car, what if Tesla Motor drop the price of the car and selling it for the normal consumer that are affordable to buy rather than just aiming for wealthy business customer. Giving a great opportunity to increase the business, Tesla must make the correct decision to move towards to be the best five star rating electric vehicles continuously.

Do you think that Tesla should drop the price for Model S? If they decrease the price would it affect the quality and reputation for the car brand? Early Nissan Leaf (and other electric car) models are starting to show up on used car lots. Should you buy one? It might be a good decision for staying that price for certain time and in the future there will be more even higher tech car might be greater and cheaper. No one will know power of technology can go till how far in the future.


One thought on “Tesla Motor: Model S Electric vehicle

  1. If you look at the brand starting to diversify and already shaking up all the current players in the market do you feel it is a barometer that they are in fact doing something right ? There has been so much money spent to lock Tesla out of the direct to consumer approach and now with their new technologies coming online and diversifying the market from an analytical stand point i think they are hitting all the right points.

    This also comes down to how you differentiate yourself from your competitors. As they are in the area of both cars and electrical storage and distribution products it means they can be more innovative and agile with their products. It also means unlike traditional car parts upgrades, refinements and users customisation goes deeper into the product.

    If they were to adjust their prices they would need to bring a product online to fill the gap left by the vehicles they are bringing down so they can still address the market in which they are currently hitting to dives sales up and still service the price point. The other issue with reducing prices is it devalues the product for existing customers and due to the issues they have had along they way possible not the best move.

    Great post


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