Integrated Marketing : GoPro

Integrated Marketing is a marketing communications that are combine all the different kinds of methods together to present a message to the consumers.

Nowdays people using GoPro for any kind of situation, there is a theme I found on web that is “Be a HERO” which is to attract and try to connect with the target audience in a quite meaningful way. The theme that they had named is by using the brand-related sponsorships and endorsements, social media, outdoor ads and web, this is the way that GoPro integrates all their marketing efforts with a tons of user consistently generate their personal content of the day. Furthermore, GoPro users can submit their video to win the event such like Video of the week or day on the GoPro’s Channels. By doing several event, GoPro brand was able to climb to the top of the leader board because there were a fire-fighter submitted an original video using GoPro, and it is also represented that when there is a strong brand message, it also can be a successful campaign even is the brand is a user-generated content.

This Fire-fighter GoPro Video is providing quite inspiration of “Never Give Up” and “Be a Hero” message to people even though the kitten looks to be dead but when you never try, you will never know the result. In the end, the fireman had saved the unconscious kitten.

Some of the user- generated provided an inspiring motivational message to people. Such as Team GoPro’s Quest for Glory, this would inspire and attract a lot of viewer to start pump up and do what they dream of and GoPro for it.

These video would inspire younger generation to do what they dream of and never easily give up or scare on failure.

In your opinion, after watching these GoPro’s original video do you think these motivates you? Do you think these would have an impact on the market? Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments!


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