Started with Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing is an approach to marketing communications that synthesizes different methods together to present a consistent message. By leveraging an integrated marketing approach, a marketer can reach more prospects by enabling their brand to resonate on multiple different channels.

There are some key areas to focus on:

1. Collect customer data to gauge what content or messaging speaks to them and what channel is most effective. Initiate conversations directly with customers, coordinate with your internal teams, and test different combinations of content and channels to determine what works are the best.

2. Break down barriers between organizational groups to discover more about what really resonates with your customers. Schedule a brainstorming session with your team to identify key touch points and the right message.

3. Invest in integrated toolsets with cross channel campaign management. Make sure you have a solid presence across your top channels (social media, email and mobile). And remember, all of these channels should be highly coordinated with unified messaging.

4. Create cohesive messaging and promote the right content at the right time. Understand where your buyers are in the process and make sure you are delivering content that speaks to their points.


How to started with integrated marketing:

1. Create a road map for cross-channel relevance by identifying the right message and method for each stage in the buying process.

2. Remember to tell the story with your content. Buyers will respond to the emotional connections and personalization that good content can create.

3. Always coordinate with internal teams to have a holistic view of what will resonate with the customer.


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9 thoughts on “Started with Integrated Marketing

  1. Both of breaking down barriers between organizational groups and creating a road map for cross-channel are complex. Besides, social media is also anther important part of Integrated Marketing. However, there are many effective measures which could be able to make sure all of the investment channel effective and coordination.


  2. Integrated Marketing communication is a must do for all organizations that want to reach the right target audience, using a single tool for communicating with the target audience may not be the right approach. It is absolutely true to suggest that integrated use of various promotion tools also helps in reducing the costs of the organization and helps in nurturing positive results.The crux of the integrated communication is to give same treatment to all the tools so that consistent messages flow to the receiver. It is imperative to mention that social media has gained special attention and has become an effective tool of Integrated Marketing Communication.


  3. Good post
    I think integrated marketing communication is very important in the marketing management. Integrated Marketing Communications is a business strategy process, it refers to develop, optimize, implement and evaluate coordinated, measurable, persuasive brand communication program, the audience of these activities, including consumers, potential customers, both internal and external audience and other targets.
    It differs from the other are: It will focus on the business process. This will eventually form a closed loop system, it depth analysis the state of consumer perception and brand communication, the most important is that it implicitly provides an evaluation of all possible advertising investment activity mechanism, because it emphasizes the consumer and the organization’s current and potential value.


  4. Excellent post. IMC incorporates different channels and reinforces the intended message through various touch points, making it a very useful tool for businesses. A business must ofcourse consider its budget (more money, more exposure) but even those with a small budget can utilise the benefits of engaging consumers through the various channels of IMC. A manager will revisit the objectives of the marketing campaign and assess the various channels for their strengths based on ad content and business measures, while within budgetary constraints to devise an appropriate IMC plan. We wouldn’t forget the function of the sales force either as a strong touch point (in my opinion the strongest), especially in push channels of distribution. An IMC plan must be well-timed to ensure communication occurs with enough lead time and strong enough effect for its intended purpose (Christmas sales might be communicated 3 weeks prior or continuous schedules for everyday-use products). After all, advertising is most effective through repetition which incites memory, and can bring about a campaign’s cognitive, affective and behavioural functions.

    Iacobucci, D, MM4, 2013 Cengage Publications.


  5. You have provided a good analysis of IMC approach, well done.
    I think nowadays, the importance of IMC has switched from traditional newspaper and magazine to social media. With technological advancement and increasing number of Internet users, especially if a company is going to advertise among the young segment, social media is definitely a powerful tool to use. Sponsored events such as Sports games as well as direct emails are also essential to do promotion in today’s world.


    • I think you are correct in saying that social media has become a more important IMC tool nowadays. However it all really depends on what your advertising goal is and who you are targeting. If for example raising awareness among young people in US of your product would be the goal I think avertizing on the traditional IMC tool,TV, still overthrows social media. People in US watch TV longer than spending time on Facebook and there is only so much advertizements you can have on your Facebook timeline for example. In my opinion the social media is in this case just a good way to optimize your reach but TV is still a more important IMC tool to raise awareness of a product.

      Reference: Glance, (2014). How true is the story that Facebook is the future of advertising?. [online] The Conversation. Available at: [Accessed 1 Jun. 2015].


  6. Interestibg post!
    The massive build-up of branding across platforms can solidify a corporation’s reputation. It can also make re-branding on the fly more difficult, forcing companies to communicate between multiple marketing departments to enact branding changes. Still, the risks of integrated marketing are well worth the rewards of recognition and cost management.


  7. Good post and nice summary of the steps involved in developing an IMC. It is crucial to get step 1 right. If we don’t know what resonates with our customers or how they prefer to receive information, the outcomes of subsequent efforts to communicate our message will be minimised… no matter how well coordinated.


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