‘Endorsement ads: Can they build up a brand’s image


When it comes to advertising a brand, it is rather accompanied by several strategies and techniques via which the process of marketing takes place, in order to depict the image of that certain brand being introduced (IAB 2009). Research has defined this term as the mode of communiqué to existing or prospective customers in which a registrar is sponsoring his/her run-through; a product or a service (IAB 2009). Due to an increase in the technological advancements and social network sites, the information regarding the promotion of the brand is transmitted through websites, campaigns, flyers, blogs, leaflets, brochures, newspaper articles, twitter or Facebook etc. However, it is indeed considered illegitimate to advertise any brand without copyrights; heavy penalty is charged in that case (IAB 2009). Endorsement advertisement on the other hand is one of the modes of marketing used by the marketers in order to promote their product, where celebrity endorsement is most commonly implemented which will be discussed in detail in our study, below.


Celebrities are those particular figures or personalities that are quite renowned in view of the public because of their integrity or their charm and desirability (Zipporah and Mberia 2014). From extensive research conducted by Zipporah and Mberia (2014), it has been inferred that advertisement in which celebrity endorsement is applied does seem to have an impact on the community overall. Basically, advertising also known as publicizing a brand is a fundamental portion of the community and economic scheme for both the consumers as well as the industries (Zipporah and Mberia 2014, pp.179). Its main purpose is to distribute wisely organized messages in order to aim spectators consequently enabling promotion packages of services or products of majority of administrations.

Khatri (2006) have stated that celebrities often offer their names for a particular advertisement in motive of depicting sheer prominence of that brand towards the audience. Consumers seem to become engrossed in advertisement where celebrities are involved in promoting a product or service’s worth (Khatri 2006). Companies often use a few strategies when implementing celebrity endorsement, which are as follows:

  • Declaration: Also known as testimonial, is used when the product has personally been used by the celebrity himself; the most example for instance is Aishwairya Rai in endorsing Lux and L’Oreal Paris.
  • Endorsement: this is used when the celebrities offer their own names for a particular brand where their experience may not count for example Julia Roberts has been asked to endorse Lancôme Paris products.

(Julia Roberts – Lancome La Vie Est Belle Perfume 2015)

  • Actor: Another type of promotion or advertising is the acting of a celebrity, s/he may be asked to simply present a brand as a part of charismatic portrayal instead of subjective endorsement.
  • Spokesperson: This type basically signifies a specific brand over a protracted duration of period, frequently in duplication as well as television advertisements, along with individual presences (Khatri 2006, pp.27).

The reason why celebrity endorsement is implemented world-wide is because of its profitability and money-making reliability. It seems to appeal the consumers acting as spectators (Khatri 2006, pp.28).

Jane Gu (2006) explains that celebrity endorsement can be executed as both long-standing as well as temporary strategies. The difference between both is when a company uses a long-term strategy; a better quality product is manufactured, provided that the impact of distribution of data and internal relationship request both are resilient (Jane Gu 2006, pp.2).

Coming to the dispersion of information via social networking sites, they are considered very vital in the business of advertising. If a buyer has consumed some product or service, chances are that he can spread awareness to others via social networks; especially to those who are not well-aware of that product (Jane Gu 2006, pp.4).

Jane Gu (2006) has also quantified through her research that there are two types of buyers who are prompted by celebrity endorsement:

  • Rational Buyers: these buyers are only concerned about the statistical features regarding the advertisement. Hence they purchase a product only if the appraisals of the product’s functionality as well as worth are extraordinary and valuable.
  • Fan Buyers: whereas, these type of consumers are rather concerned with the emotional appeal of the product along with the informational features and build up a vital emotional association with the celebrity endorsing the brand (Jane Gu 2006, pp.5).

A few examples celebrity endorsement are as follows:


(Taylor Swift, Cover girl 2012,)


(L’Oreal Posters 2011)

From the advertisement of ‘Stop Hunger Now’, various popular actors as well as actresses have addressed about the issue at hand, in the simplest yet modest way possible, which makes the advertisement acknowledgeable.

Another research by Mukherjee (2009) has quantifies that experimental findings sustain the statement that celebrities seem to have an encouraging impact on both the product’s attitude as well as the brand. A significant characteristic on celebrity endorsement is its integrity, worth and reliability. The mechanisms of the integral process are associated with other behaviors of the personality and the dimension of the appearance which reproduce better characteristics yield earnest and constructive perspective of the personage in the minds of the buyers (Mukherjee 2009, pp. 22-23)

However, there has been some negative connotation to celebrity advertisement as well; not all endorsement advertisements are taken as positively, depending upon its nature and value. A very common example to such disapproval is Shahrukh Khan endorsing ‘Fair’n Lovely MEN’ advertisement, which was found offensive by many consumers as well as a few other celebrities (PinkVilla 2013). It has been turned down as one of the stereotypes; because having a darker skin colour should not be prejudiced over fairer skin. It is rather considered off-putting and conceited to create disparity between both colours; it is rather an act of racism which should be excavated immediately.


(PinkVilla 2013)


From the above study, it is derived that one of the key features of marketing is celebrity endorsement advertisement and it plays a major role in building up a product’s image, as long as that specific brand does not offend its consumers on the basis of discrimination.



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14 thoughts on “‘Endorsement ads: Can they build up a brand’s image

  1. A very well written post. Although this is a technique used to generate enormous amounts in profits, serving the aim of manufacturers and retailers, my opinion of celebrity endorsed advertisement campaigns is that they are often misleading. Famous actors and actresses are portrayed as if they personally use the products they are campaigning for where as in actual this is not the case. These ads also have a negative effect especially on young girls who believe these advertisements to be true and while viewing “sexy” adds in which women are being objectified, they start to perceive this as normal.


  2. A thought provoking post. I guess companies use celebrity endorsements as one way of branding or adding to their brand by essentially being associated with someone else’s brand. It can all quickly come undone as you point out if said celebrity disgraces themselves in someway by acting against general community standards – or is snapped by the paparazzi using a different product. Didn’t this happen to Brittany Spears when she was endorsing coke or pepsi and was then snapped drinking the wrong brand in public? While the majority of celebrity endorsements work out well they need to be continually managed and I think the “lifecycle” of the celebrity endorsement would be better as a limited marketing tool – ultimately the brand needs to stand out on it’s own and that is where good product development, market analysis and consumer feedback take a major role.


  3. Sometimes a celebrity endorsement will have the opposite effect on me and I wonder if the celebrity has become ‘desperate’. The most recent I can think of is Ashton Kutcher talking to a well-endowed slice of pizza, threatening her with a piece of gum.
    But interestingly, from reading this week’s topic I learnt that the celebs will often do these types of endorsements outside their home geographic…. makes sense why!


  4. good blog! the only time celebrity endorsements have an impact on me, is when the ads are about social causes. for example, George Clooney endorsement of UN cause to eradicate war and hunger in Africa. for products endorsements, it has less or no impact at all on my behaviour.


  5. Do you think celebrity ads are more effective on the younger demographic? They are much more impressionable I believe. When I was much younger I know I was drawn to a certain make up (I think it was Revlon) because Sarah Michelle Gellar endorsed it and I thought she was so cool. However, now that I am much older, it doesn’t work on me at all. (At least I think it doesn’t, you can never really tell what advertising has done to your subconscious)

    The other point I want to make is that sports personalities are good endorsement candidates. For example, Michael Clarke endorsing a particular brand of cricket bat. But then it makes me wonder, is that a celebrity endorsement or an expert endorsement? Because Michael Clarke is both.


  6. Celebrity endorsements are commonly used to increase a brand’s visibility. I think Celebrity endorsement will mainly impact on the youths personally when i was young i was a great fan of Michael Jordan,Michael Jordan and Nike created a new shoes called Air Jordan which is still successful in the market and i use to buy all versions of Air Jordan. I personally think Celebrity endorsement will mainly impact on the youths as they just want to be like one of those celebrities.


  7. Great post & some great comments as well. I too agree that endorsements appeal to a younger, more impressionable demographic. As you get older (& more skeptical) they don’t mean anything, An endorsement for a cause or a celebrity who donates their fee to a charity is more likely to resonate with me than the straight out I’m in it for the obscene amount of money to endorse a product they most likely don’t or won’t use.


  8. Great blog! I think endorsement ad is a very interesting topic. Every day we can see celebrities or any other testimonials in TV showing us “the perfect product which they use every day and make they happy”. I’m not a real fan of endorsement brand because it seems incredible. However especially celebrity endorsement ads have a high impact on consumers. I think particularly sport stars are idols for younger target groups and have high impacts on them. For me endsorsement brand is most sensible for fast moving consumer goods or low-involvement products which are uncomplecated and don’t need a lot of information. Hence celebrity endorsement is good for humerous ads.


  9. Interesting post. as we can see that the most memorable ads often feature a major Hollywood star. From Britney Spears to Betty White, famous people of all ages help turn a product endorsement into a huge part of pop culture. for instance, some of the most successful collaborations between a brand and a celebrity occur during halftime at the Super Bowl, when commercials can cost millions of dollars for 30 seconds on air. in fact, audiences even look forward to these television ads almost as much as the game itself. therefore, it is a significant opportunity ofr marketers to take advantages of the ‘Halo Effect’ of the super stars and establish brand image with quality.


  10. This is a great topic and raises some great points. I find it very confusing when it comes to most celebrities as they are a brands in themselves so what we really talk about is b2b relationships as the individual is a separate entity to the person. The interesting part becomes when the individual does something that comes into the public eye which is contrary to the business element. This doesn’t just effect the celebrities brand but it also have a significant impact to the products they endorse.

    As much as the celebrities represent a fantastic opportunity to leverage their social networks they represent a level of risk to the companies they endorse that is not tangible in a dollar figure until the risk is realized.

    So my questions would be there is no dispute on the effectiveness but how do organisations quantify risk. One risk being realised now is the fall out with doctor OZ and his brand endorsements. However this example shows just how incredibly effective it can be.


  11. Thank you for sharing.Celebrity endorsements do give a compeitive edge to companies pursing to endorse their products. If you look at companies such as Hanes who used Michael Jordan as their spokes person, their product sky-rocketed in that particular fiscal year.


  12. Interesting Topic.
    I particularly believe that celebrity endorsements definately works with companies that are connected to the retail sector. Its due their success of marketing the celebrities still gets the huge amount of pays. Such brand endorsements play a massive role in boosting sales. Moreover, kids and youngsters become loyal to such brands really fast.


  13. A very interesting and debatable topic of celebrity endorsement covered in detail with crisp facts. Celebrity endorsements have always been doing the rounds in the advertisement world. There success rate is also good and the celebrities also get handsome amount for the same. Nonetheless, it is important to realize that the consumer of today is a smart human being , so marketers must make sure that the brand personality and the personality of the celebrity should seem to have common traits. For instance, if Arnold Schwarzenegger does an advertisement for a global body building concept, he is the best man for it but if he starts sellling a bottle of ketchup…… it may raise the eyebrows. Therefore, organizations and marketers must make sure about the right match of th brand and celebrity.


  14. Celebrity endorsement has been very successful in enhancing a brand image of a product though I would question its effect if the celebrity over exposes themselves. For example Miranda Kerr best known for her Victoria Secret deal however she is now the face of up to 6 other labels. So the question I pose is is it best for the company to provide a face to their brand (to target their segment of interest) who is not associated with other brands? I believe that the market is getting flooded with confusing celebrity endorsements. Miranda Kerr is one but one very well known example of a campaign failing is ‘Sketchers’ association with the Kardashians whereby the cost of the campaign outweighed the return of investment. I accept that the initiative has worked but we must tread with caution.


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