Dove says, “You are beautiful the way you are”!!

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Dove is a well-known toiletry brand, moreover, it has an exceptional marketing campaign operating over decade until today — Real Beauty. According to advertisements that I have encountered, this is the most appealing and impressive one. Due to it delivers explicit message to its target audience, “You are beautiful the way you are” that has recognised woman’s natural beauty, and also dedicates efforts to encourage women’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

During establishment of this campaign, it develops Dove a friendly and considerate brand image. According to its characters selection within advertisements, it determines its target audiences are females across all generations, and simultaneously enhances its belief of women’s nature beauty recognition. Hence, advertising strength has revealed from characters whom are selected in its advertisements, it has chosen real life women of all ages, skin colours, hair types but not stereotype slim and tall celebrities. Nevertheless, it is explicit that Dove exploits emotional advertising strategy determining to ‘touch’ and evoke its audiences’ emphasis feelings. As consequences, such strategy stimulates extensive emotions among audiences and develops a bonding between the brand and audience. Moreover, as numerous thrilling positive feedback and outcomes of this campaign, Dove extends this campaign globally around various countries. This implementation implicates its additional brand personality of, diversity acceptance.

Furthermore, in order to increase consumers’ awareness and reinforce communication effectiveness, Dove has implemented diverse media channels to approach different groups of target audience. For instance, it has utilised TV advertising, Billboard, POP and social media.

Through increasing sales that indicates achievement of this campaign, which therefore it is a good illustration of an effective IMC.

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What would you tick?????

Does Dove make you beautiful too???

Authors: Junhong Zhang & Hidde Postma


12 thoughts on “Dove says, “You are beautiful the way you are”!!

  1. Dove was very clever to release this advertisement in light of the controversial “Victoria’s Secret” ad which had a bevy of extremely skinny “Angels” lined up with the tag like “perfect body”.

    Such a campaign angered their overall audience as, let’s be honest, not everyone has “the perfect Victoria’s Secret” body and therefore, their attempt at advertising resulted in backlash and boycott (decreasing sales and going backwards in their attempt to promote themselves).

    Dove’s advertisement panders towards a more generalized audience, accepting general flaws as beauty and identity rather than demonizing it.

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  2. Doves campaign celebrates real people & real people love that it’s about real people & not the Victorias Secret Model with an unnaturally skinny body. I think it creates trust & intimacy with its customers.


  3. I believe that the Dove beauty campaigns are successful in creating awareness around womens’ body and self-esteem issues and were successful in opening a dialogue on these issues. The campaigns always promote self-acceptance which is such a clever marketing strategy setting them apart from all of their competitors who depict skinny airbrushed models in their advertisements to promote their product, stating indirectly that the average consumer can look just like this if you buy their product.

    I love Dove’s approach but I do not buy their products. A friend of mine disliked their shampoo and conditioner so I steered clear. So for me, it came down to word-of-mouth.


  4. Sometimes I am confused by these ads as they do not convey any information; no explanation of benefits and no pros or cons of their products. Nonetheless, this strategy appears to have inspired a lot of growth in both the brand and the products. Their strategy seems to simultaneously improve both awareness and attitudes of consumers.

    To other firms attempting to take a similar advertising approach- Beware. I feel that with these types of campaigns there is a fine line between endearing consumers and alienating them by appearing insincere. Levi’s Jeans had a campaign “Hotness Comes in All Shapes and Sizes” with the exact same message but then went ahead and used all skinny models in the advertisements creating a lot of negative publicity.


  5. I do enjoy that some brands are not just trying to increase brand awareness, but also making the world a better place by increasing peoples self esteem. As well using real examples from their target market pulls on the heart strings.

    It would be great if male centric products would do a similar campaign instead of always being rugged and masculine.


  6. I also appreciate the campaigns, but I do not purchase any of the products… I try to steer clear of beauty products laden with sulphites and parabens, so unfortunately as much as I appreciate the message… they don’t influence me to purchase.


  7. I think the Dove campaign and approach is engaging and thought provoking. Would I have ticked Grey or Gorgeous? I would have ticked both. For me the advertisements are more about awareness of our self image but they don’t engage me to buy their products.


  8. Dove’s Real Beauty campaign has consisted of a range of powerful videos and images, with the aim of making women feel good about themselves. Although most would say that these videos are clever, real and emotional, I personally think that there has been negative reaction after watching the videos. The trick gives me some impression of insulting women. They make women seem too desperate and helpless. I don’t believe that when talking about women’s relationship with beauty, these women will feel relaxed and comfortable, rather, most of them will feel anxious about how they look and do not consider themselves beautiful.
    I have to admit that whether we find the videos heart-warming or see them simply as a marketing stunt, we can’t deny it has hit off. However, I don’t buy their products. Despite their selling tactic, Dove has gradually lost its reputation, especially among younger segment. If you go to any of the supermarkets, you will find Dove is always on the promotion shelves, with family-sized shampoo, conditioner and body wash, sometimes they are even sold in bundle.


    • The original Dove campaign centred around “Real Beauty” was very clever and ventured into an area few marketers had dared to go in respect of personal and/or beauty products – engagement with existing and new consumers by depicting people for what they are. Whilst some beauty product ads have a clearly aspirational focus, Dove has formed a bond with everyday “average” people.

      However, I am not so sure how the latest campaign will be received – last video above. It frankly seems to be so far removed from the “brand” that I’m not really sure where people will see the connection. Having said that, I am merely a male and women may have a different point of view.
      What do you think ladies?


  9. I really love these campaigns…I say that even though I tear up every time I watch them! Embarrassingly they were shown at a work conference, and I couldn’t hide my puffy eyes afterwards! However I don’t buy their product (maybe I’m not the target segment?) But I was want to feel special when I put on my moisturiser or eye cream- it is a little expense that is just for me…and picking up from a shelf in Coles just doesn’t have the effect!


  10. I have always had mixed feeling when it came to the Dove campaigns. On one hand, yes people are beautiful the way they are and on the other what wrong with beauty enhancing products?

    I don’t know if i am looking at this in the wrong manner, but i kinda feel that Dove is trying to guilt trip consumers into buying their products. Like buy us because we think beauty is is everyone type thing.

    – “The ethical consumer buys dove because they don’t define beauty.”

    Which is all great and stuff, but at the same time its cosmetics, we buy them for a reason – to look better, smell better etc.

    My question is: are lady consumer (target market) buying their products based on this form of marketing? Is it working?


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