Launch SUV – The overall trend for high-end automakers

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The Lamborghini Urus have confirmed that they will launch the new family friendly SUV in 2017.  Lamborghini CEO Stephen Winkelman suggested that it was the automaker’s “expectation” to launch the SUV and the luxury SUV, as it is anticipated that the SUV market is will grow substantially over the next few years.


As a traditional high end luxury sports car manufacturer, Lamborghini is in famous of producing super fast sports car. At FY 2014, the company has sold 2,530 units across the world.

Lambo sales

Entering the SUV market provides Lamborghini with a truly incremental opportunity to drive sales by offering innovative products outside of their legacy product offering. Increasing their product portfolio will in turn increase their target customer base, providing them with wider distribution and appeal amongst automobile consumers.

Lamborghini have recognized the success of their sister brand Porsche (Cayenne and Macan) having entered into the SUV market, (Porsche Sold…

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2 thoughts on “Launch SUV – The overall trend for high-end automakers

  1. It makes sense for Lamborghini to try and broaden their product range to appeal to their changing market. As you identify with the Porsche, that they aren’t the first in the Sports-car industry to branch out like this but it is a brave move for them non-the-less. It is one nice looking vehicle though could imagine it to be a nightmare to see out of!

    Unfortunately I’m not in the market for this type of car and something tells me, I’m not part of Lamborghini’s target market.

    However I am saving my pennies for something special that may get announced later this year and I do believe it will be a ‘gamechanger’ in the motor industry in spectacular historical fashion…

    Fingers crossed…

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  2. I honestly would never associate the terms ‘Family-friendly’ and ‘Lamborghini’ in the same sentence. I understand the need to diversify to be attractive to more markets, but to me, I would never be able to justify the purchase a luxury brand like this when, as a family, there much more important things to spend money on…


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