What companies do Australians rate as the most reputable…? The 2015 results are just in and they hold a few surprises.

(Posted by Tim Bearup and Anthony Gunn)

The battle for the hearts and minds of consumers in the market place is fierce and unrelenting. The result of the annual global study by research consultancy AMR and the Reputation Institute has just been released this week and it provides some insight into who is winning and who is losing this battle.

The study ranks the companies purely on public opinion (not actual company practices) via a survey process, thus providing valuable insight into the customer perception of these brands. The dimensions that respondents rate the company on are: products and services, innovation, workplace, citizenship, governance, leadership, and financial performance, as well as overall reputation.


For Australians, Toyota takes top spot, with Samsung making a debut to the list and landing at 2nd place, pushing out JB HI FI to 3rd place. Apple dropped to 11th place having previously been #1 in 2012.

Toyota has been no stranger to the top 10 in previous years however it was somewhat a surprise that they would do so well this year, as AMR managing director Oliver Freedman writes:

“The fact that Toyota has regained its position as the most reputable Australian company despite announcing the end of its manufacturing operations and the consolidation of its business by the end of 2017 demonstrates how important a strong reputation is in maintaining consumer trust, even after delivering bad news.”

Passikoff suggests that there is a direct correlation between the level of trust and engagement a brand has achieved with consumers prior to delivering bad news and the company’s capacity to then mitigate the detrimental impacts of this.

… #1 placement…!?  Toyota must have this in spades!


See the full rankings:  https://www.marketingmag.com.au/news-c/toyota-australias-reputable-company-2015/




4 thoughts on “What companies do Australians rate as the most reputable…? The 2015 results are just in and they hold a few surprises.

  1. Interesting that the business decisions of Toyota have not affected their brand. It would be interesting to know if the Ford or Holden brand was equally immune. I would speculate that may consumers would not be aware that Toyota made cars in Australia and also that most of the Toyota product lines are not made in Australia. Ford and Holden however are synonymous with manufacturing in Australia. It would seem to me that the brand associations with Toyota are related to quality, reliability etc. making them immune from business decisions in Australia. Just a thought.

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  2. If you read “The Toyota Way” by Liker (2014 McGraw-Hill), Toyota’s 14 managment principles underpin everything the company strives to do. The company’s willingness to be transparent is one of them, I think customers appreciate that, not to mention having been really happy with a great car, why wouldn’t you go back for another one? Over 25 years & 10 cars in our family, 6 of those have been Toyotas. What ever they are doing, it certainly works for my family.

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  3. Super surprised with these results. Apple slipping outside the Top 10 i think is massive. Also surprising that Toyota is Number 1. Maybe this is because I am apart of Gen Y, but I just do not have that affiliation with Toyota. I think the release of their new car model the Toyota 86 tries to address the issue of their cars not appealing to our age group but I always think of Toyota as a family/older generation car brand. Judging by these results, the older age groups must really like the Toyota brand and value its products

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  4. I’m wondering what Apple did to warrant such a massive fall! they don’t seem to be doing anything differently now than they were a few years ago.
    I’m also Gen Y but have a lot of loyalty to Toyota. My parents gave me one as my first car(they had brand loyalty already) and I have since bought 2 more. In my case it isn’t any perceived value- I genuinely believe that the product is of a high quality at a reasonable price (learned from experience, not advertising)! I guess when you have a good product you don’t have to work as hard as competitors may!


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