Should I buy an Apple iWatch?

Buying an apple product is more than just about the product itself. As a consumer you are not just buying the latest electronic gadget, you are buying into the brand.

By Manoje Indraharan and Mohamed Hassan

Apple may not have been the first to hit market this time, but the launch of the new iWatch has definitely created its own hype around the world… but then again, what else would you expect? After all, it is an Apple!

I’m sure, like me, most of you would have (or have had) at least one of the many Apple products that have been released over the years. It is this broad appreciation that has allowed this company to grow to become this gigantic conglomerate it is today. Last year set a world record for profits by a public company by setting December quarter earnings of $US18 Billion1. Apple was able to surpass most people’s expectations and once again command.

A portion of the analyst’s expectation for Apple to slowdown could be attributed to the fact that Apple hadn’t released a new innovation for almost 5 years, and most within the industry (and fan boys alike) questioned whether they can continue to innovate following the death of co-founder Steve Jobs.

Although the success of the iWatch will undoubtedly be a testament to the future competencies of Apple as a company, it is important to recognise that purchasing an Apple devices for a consumer is far more than just buying a piece of consumer electronics and here is 3 reasons why.

1. Built for the consumer

At a time when all the other manufacturers were in a race to develop the slimmest and smallest handsets that can squeeze in a simple VGA resolution camera. Apple and Steve Jobs completely revolutionised the mobile phone industry by developing a phone that was significantly larger than all the other phones on the market, operated via user friendly touchscreen that was flexible enough to provide a range on previously unthought-of features that could be cutomised at anytime by downloading an apps.

Since the launch of the iPhone, the industry has seen almost every new phone on the market looks like an iPhone and comes with an app store.

2. Design and Quality

Apple does not cut corners in designing its products and ensures that all materials and components, down to the packaging is manufactured in the highest quality. The products generally withstand most independent testing and often feel substantial to the users.

Apple products aren’t just designed to be functional. They are also supposed to be statement for the customer that wants to stand out in the crowd. Most of us will remember the original iPhones were sold with white headphones at a time when it was almost impossible to buy any headphones that weren’t black. This bold move, distinguished apple customers in a crowd as individuals and trend setters. Consumers of apple products have a strong association with the product and brand, as marketing guru Seth Godin explains how the Brand is a “set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another” 2

3. Sales and Support

Despite some recent allegations of toxic corporate culture3 within the organisation, Apple has been attributed to providing first class customer experience from their sales and support staff. It is because of this reason that each store gets a healthy xxx visitors a year.

Apple store staff are friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. Customers are always greeted as they enter the store and a friendly good-bye on the way out. If the store is busy, a staff member would enlist you on a queue and then encourage you to have a play with a range of other products as you wait.

The attitude of the customer facing staff is almost always infectious and as a result so to does their enthusiasm for their products.

Samsung may have released its smart phone and smart watch an year earlier. It may also be less expensive and have higher specifications. This is makes it a great device, but all of this doesn’t mean much to most consumers and apple fan-boys alike. The iWatch, like almost all my other apple devices is more than just a great device, it’s a great product.

So, the answer to my original question is undeniably a YES!

1 Cellan-Jones, R 2015, Apple posts the biggest quarterly profit in history, BBC News, retrieved 22/04/2015,

2 Max Jakob Lusensky (2014) Did You Bite the Magic Apple?, Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche, 8:1, 57-70,

3 Francis, H 2015, ‘Toxic’: Australian ex-Apple employee accuses tech giant of workplace bullying, The Sydney Morning Hearld, Retrieved 24/4/2015,


13 thoughts on “Should I buy an Apple iWatch?

  1. It’s interesting how this article basically explains the evolution in both the marketing and development process of most companies and brands whereby the product isn’t simply just an offering of its functional aspects (affective component) but it is also heavily connected to the consumer on both an emotional and intellectual level. You really are selling a culture of certain expectations and prestige that resonates with the rest of your products under the brand label. both a tangible product and the intangible benefits associated with buying the product. Its not just a device, it’s an experience.

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  2. 100% agree with you about everything you said about Apple and that even though Samsung are technically better specification wise, I love Apple products. I think they look better and are better to use. However, will i buy an Apple Watch? NO! Heres why. Even though I love Apple and most of its products, the Apple Watch i believe is a massive waste of money. I know that Apple will sell thousands of watches, but it brings nothing new to the table. Tells time? So does my phone. Can play music? So does my phone, Runs applications? So does my phone, and I could go on. Even worse, is the fact that to use most of the watches functions you need to have your iPhone with you anyway. In saying all that. It is a true testament to how impressive the Apple brand is that they can bring out a product which has been on the market for at least a year by a major competitor and still I think the product will be a success even if I don’t want it.


  3. I agree with your comments. Once consumers are satisfied with a brand, brand loyalty becomes strong. We’ve seen it over the years with other products like Sony, Bose, and BMW, to name a few. Apple products have been such a success over the past few years for many reasons including ease of use and their stylish look. When they release a new product they market it well and consumers are lining up to buy the latest version, so strong is the confidence in the brand. It will be interesting to see what happens with the iWatch as this product category is relatively new to Apple and there are already many well established watch manufacturers with strong consumer brand loyalty who dominate the watch / timepiece market. Maybe it’s enough that the iWatch is an Apple product for it to become highly successful, especially amongst the Apple converts. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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  4. Hi
    Analysis of the individual should be in accordance with the demand to buy goods rather than the pursuit of fashion and buy some of their daily lives than in accordance with this article. This watch design is very stylish and very powerful features which can bring very strong convenience for users, improve the quality of life.


  5. Hi

    Analysis of the individual should be in accordance with the demand to buy goods rather than the pursuit of fashion and buy some of their daily lives than in accordance with this article. This watch design is very stylish and very powerful features which can bring very strong convenience for users, improve the quality of life.


  6. Your blog post very well talks about the Brand Apple has created and how iWatch as a sub brand adopts its features and leverages on it.
    Have a look at the link below as it may help you during your reflective Essay.

    One of the major issues with the watch as with other products of Apple is the pricing.
    Do you think compromising on the features to reduce price would have been a better competitive pricing strategy by Apple? or No?

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  7. Saurabh, I was going to mention the same thing on price. For me. based on price and what you get in addition to your already existing Apple products, I will not be running out to buy one. However the product looks sleek like the rest of Apples offerings so I can see why lovers of the Apple brand will purchase this.


  8. Thanks for the blog. Easy to read and follow.
    There is no doubt that Apple is a world beater in everything they turn their hand to. They have the ability to turn a market on its head with the products they produce. I heard recently that sold another truck load of Iphone 6 in the last quarter and you wonder whether they can keep up with this type of demand. They seem to be able to. I think the Iwatch will be successful as Apple has a history of releasing new products with good features and good quality. They certainly know how to tickle the market and no doubt incorporate market feedback into the new product. Can Apple keep up with demand and keep the quality spot on? When will they run out of ideas?


  9. Your blog post is very good. The content of the blog is easy to understand for many people. Firstly, you have shown many good aspects of iWatch which may attract many people if they read your blog.It is understandable that this time Apple will hit the market again because of its new product. in my opinion, I cannot say that most of people use apple’s products but as I have read this, I would say that in the future Apple’s products will hit the market again and again. Personally, I am a person who loves to use any product from Apple, but this product is more than necessary for me, although I live to buy but i think I wont. Thank you for sharing.


  10. Love your article… brings me all the way back to my own blog:

    My groupmate and I have essentially talked about the same things, but more from a consumer behaviour perspective. It’s very true the three reasons you mentioned have helped strengthen the Apple brand. That said, in my personal opinion, iWatch is not as exciting as iPhone. Maybe it’s still new, but it left me reflect: the sub-brand of iPhone actually helped to strengthen the mother brand Apple quite a lot before Apple became so successful. I think this is an interesting area to look at, because usually we hear sub-brands jeopardizing the mother brand, but rarely the other way round like the iPhone did to Apple. Add in addition, the sub-brand of iPhone seem to be going hand in hand with the brand Apple since its release, so they could not be apart anymore. It’s indeed an interesting branding relationship.

    PS – I do agree with Saurabh Pandit (Sam) on pricing. It’s something that is putting me off with the iWatch at the moment. On top of that, the recurrent udpate of iOS is irregularly letting people who hold an older iPhone product down. This might be something that is hurting the brand if it cannot be handled better.

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  11. It’s interesting to see how Apple products have created such a hype among their customers, such that despite their products being so expensive, people still go out and buy whatever comes on the market. The Apple brand has become a household name because they have so far maintained the high standards, quality and innovation that their customers have come to associate with their brand. As Robert has mentioned, I also wonder if Apple will be able to cope with the increasing market demand for their products, as well as maintain the same quality and innovation that they are known for.

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  12. Is a good blog that you have posted. Introducting IWatch is quite challenging for Apple due to people wanted a normal watch or a superb high tech watch that can do nearly the same like a phone. It is very attractive and unique that how a watch can do other kind of stuff. It gets my attention when I first heard Apple is introducing IWatch, I was wondering and curious what kind of function and the limitation that the watch can able to work. Apple’s product definitely gives people a lot of surprise with their unique product. Thank you for sharing this.


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