Why Apple Always WINS Me Over!?


Within today’s IT industry, there are no doubts that Apple is one of the leading giants. As a result, there are constant competitions occurring between brands. But, what makes Apple leading the industry? And how does Apple manage to win fans like me over?

From my perspective, contemporary IT companies are expertise at inducing their consumers to have brand attachment and stimulating their brand loyalty. In order to achieve these objectives, they have to be capable to comprehend their target demographic and also attract potential ones. However, to me, Apple is better at market segmentations as they have discovered the core desires of 90% mobile phone users, which is to personalise their devices.

Moreover, Apple is the very first IT Company in the history launching smartphones with touch screens, which subsequently evokes mobile phone revolution within the industry. Apple has broadened consumers’ horizon by revealing what can consumers anticipate from a phone device. Mobile phones are no longer just for texting or calling functions, but they can also function like a mini mobile laptop.

Despite these, I am sure that Samsung has equivalent technologies to invent a smartphone like Apple’s, so the questions are how does Apple establish its market place or confident at their existing consumers having habitual purchases of their smartphones?

I think the answer is Apple knows how to sell their smartphones, and all other products!!

Apple has positioned their smartphones as advanced technology, and simultaneously advocates a smartphone for all generations as advertising the brand with a friendly image of ‘this is a phone for everyone’. Moreover, they have their unique interface – IOS, which appears to be a virus-free system in the world, which this advantage distinguishes them from other competitors. Hence, Apple’s ultimate aim is to design personalised electronic devices for their users, which therefore they value consumers’ privacy by continuous improvements on phone lock and also develop intimate connections between Apple products. Thus, Apple strategically utilises the influences of celebrities to encourage more consumers purchasing their smartphones, according to contemporary media impacts on people.

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In order to enhance consumers’ brand loyalty, Apple is intended to develop pleasant customer services.  They have developed a friendly and relaxing atmosphere for all forms of interactions between front-line members and customers, which determines to encourage consumers’ purchase decisions. In addition, Apple has high brand reliability and accountability, and also positive brand reputation, due to their well-known after-purchase care. Nevertheless, Apple is capable of implanting habitual buying behaviours onto their existing consumers, although electronic devices are appeared to be high involvement products.

Moreover, Apple has learnt that there is increasing population of smartphone users, and also the transformation of the utility of a mobile phone from an accessory desire to an essential need among people’s daily life. Hence, Apple exploits this new market segmentation would lead to a new marketing opportunity – consumers ’potential anticipation of an actual mobile laptop which is also known as tablet. Therefore, Apple’s iPad launch has reinvigorated the tablet market, and no doubts another success designates to Apple.


Really!!! I cannot see their competitors having the abilities to compete while Apple has such comprehensions of their targeted consumers’ behaviours.

Overall, competitions between Apple and other brands are never going to end until one of them goes down. So really, which is the better smartphone?

Well, I know Apple wins my heart over, what about yours?

Author: Junhong Zhang

  Viewed by: Hidde Postma


9 thoughts on “Why Apple Always WINS Me Over!?

  1. Interesting blog topic. Smartphones are probably one of the worlds most popular devices, everyone seems to have one, and everyone seems to want the newest / latest one. I believe Apple were the first company to offer a true smartphone that appealed to a massive segment of the market for mobile phones. They were able to create a single device that met a vast majority of peoples needs, that previously required two, three, or even four separate devices to achieve the same result..

    It was the combination, I believe, of the introduction of products like the iPod, iPhone and the iPad, with the development of their iTunes and App store products that cemented them as firm early favourites in the market place, and still to this day leaders in their fields. We have seen a recent rise globally in the popularity of the android based smartphone devices, to the point now that they out number the sales of the iPhone. (Although I understand that this is due to several key brands using the same software platform.)

    However, I, like you, am still the owner of an iPhone and an iPad, and I probably always will be. The integration of the devices, along with the iTunes music software system keeps me coming back time after time. I find the ease of use, the simplicity of file sharing and my familiarity with the products the key factors that keep me from straying to the competition. Each time my phone contract is up I inevitably find myself browsing the phone models, but still coming back to the new model of iPhone.My desire for stability, ease of interaction, and fear of the unknown keep me in line !! In this way Apple have managed to train me to conform, never to stray, and to be happy about it.

    So is the Apple iPhone the better smartphone ? or have Apple just been able to take advantage of my behavioural traits and weakness to coerce me to stay loyal. Maybe Samsung or Android based smartphones are better, and more popular. Maybe I’ll never know, maybe I’m ok with that.


  2. I am a fan of Apple too. Not sure how I ever became one, but I know I probably will never change to another product unless something that takes over Apple comes about. I love how Apple’s products all sync together and that they are so simple to use. Their can be some limitations when it comes to the music, photos and downloading, but I just tend to forget about that and enjoy the experience of using the phone.

    The other experience I quite enjoy is the service in store. It is quite simple to book an appointment online. Then you just have to turn up at the store and they are able to check their IPad for your details. I don’t find that you have to wait forever in queues. The service in the store has always been prompt and they will let you know if they are unable to assist you on the spot.

    As you do, mwelton2015, I enjoy the excitement of looking at the new models when my contract is expired. Looking at what the new models can offer. There is always something different in a new version of an Apple product, but you know that you still have the same reliability and structure of your previous product.


  3. The answer is that Apple has achieved the Branding Trifecta.
    In the first place, the items have dependably been unbelievably simple to utilize. (Keep in mind that for a considerable length of time the Apple OS was the easy decision different option for a chaotic Windows working framework. That is the brand’s legacy.) Second, Apple gets that item plan ought to be basic & delightful. They join this tasteful into all that they make. Third, they assemble the brand with splendid advertising & publicizing.

    From the good ‘ol days, Apple comprehended that the best approach to fabricate genuine steadfastness was to make the client feel shrewd about picking Apple outline and innovation. ‘Think Different’ told the Apple client that he or she was shrewd (and) sufficiently fearless to stand separated from the group.


  4. I am the big fan of the Apple too. I am the owner of the macbook, Iphone and Ipad. which Apple bring me not just the good user experience. In China, which people using the Apple products, it is already become a fashion trend. Because Apple bring the special customer service to the customer, like the genies bar service, which the Chinese people do not have the similar service before.

    and then, even Apple do not bring everything to the customer, people always complain about how stupid the ITunes is , why the Iphone could not download the music, there are do not some Game company provide mac game vision, people still want buy Apple products. The reason are lots of. as far as I am concerned, even Apple can not meet every need that you want, but what they bring to you will make you already feel good, you would be quite enjoy it. what they give you , it is a kind feeling which make you feel comfortable and you are important to them. it is a quite good business strategy of Apple. Apple as the first company which bring the concept which is the smartphone. they keep innovation and do it better, now they have their unique business model and a good customer loyalty. every year they would launch the new smartphone and bring a good trend.

    as a customer, you always have the different experience form the new product.


  5. I am a Apple Fan as well. I am a big follower of the company. I love its products especially Macbook and iPhone. In my opinion Apple Co. has high level of customer satisfaction which works great for them. Though people say that it was a great company till Steve Jobs, but I don’t believe this because still it has maintained its own reputation and has a great new products in the line. I have never seen such a big queue outside the store on the product launch day. Apple has become a tech Giant now, almost all its products are a huge success. It was also nominated as the world’s most valuable company. It such a short period of time the company has got a massive success that is Awesome. I respect them for this!
    Whatever, is the reason for their success but Apple works for me 🙂


  6. Interesting topic. I like Apple products and is always fascinated by their success story .The transformation of a company that had to borrow money for much of the 1990’s and early 2000’s to keep the head above water to a company which generated $ 171 billion in revenue in 2013 is just incredible!. When I think of various factors that contributed to their success couple of them stands out for me, one is the customer experience and other their retail stores. Apple has managed to create products that are simple to use for tech savvy people as well for kids and old people. Their retail stores offers education and support and less focus on selling. You get a feeling there lot people in the store to help you and nobody is there pushing you to buy their products. This sort of experience created a legion fans who will simply line up in front of their stores days before a product is launched.


  7. I think the magnetic power connectors that Apple designed for their computers are really innovative. Almost every Apple new costumer feels the same way.The fact stronger than every argument is that, even if Apple products were ugly, i`d still buy them!!
    Personally,OSx is way better than any other Operative System in the market.


  8. I wasn’t using any Apple products three years ago, but now multiple Apple products can be found in my place. It was all because of an ipad gift from my uncle. I don’t need to describe how good the ipads are, and most people like them because of those unique functions. Then I couldn’t stop buy the Apple products.

    Thanks for the blog.


  9. This is a interested topic. They preoccupy themselves with creating great products. Few brands have such intense loyalty as that found in the hearts of core Apple buyer. Apple is a marketing and creative genius with a rare ability to get inside the imagination of consumers and understand what will captivate them. Apple’s obsession with understanding customers and deepening their Apple experience shows in everything the company dose, for example, the Apple stores invite shoppers to stay a while, use the equipment, and soak up all of the exciting new technology. These factors at many level affect consumer buying behavior. buying behavior is never simple, understanding it is an essential task of marketing management and the one who is able to do it successfully.


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