Targetting Chocolate

Marketing Management Blog T1 2015

by Anna Townsend and Sabrina Tjang

Let’s talk about chocolate. It soothes our cravings and gives a little kick in the day. It comforts us when we are down, just like a best friend.

The truth is Australians love confectionery. Each Australian consumes on average 6.7kg annually, making confectionery the most popular snack food. Chocolate makes up for 77% of all confectionery sales in Australia in a market worth $2 billion. link

Impulse purchases account for 47% of confectionery bought, and nearly 50% of all chocolate buyers fall within the 25 – 49 year age group. Women tend to buy more chocolate than men, but in most cases they are buying for their families. It has been found that men aged 35 – 49 are the top buyers of chocolate bars and blocks, usually for personal consumption. The Australian confectionery market continues to grow, with annual volume increasing 12.5% over…

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