Marketing Strategies— targeting

The purpose of marketing is to increase a business’s competitive advantage. A competitive advantage in a more memorable and effective way to attract the consumers. Marketing strategies is a best way to increase the company’s success in terms of sales. Market dominance strategies will to increase a company’s dominance, or ability to beat out its competitors.

 A target market refers to the group of potential customers. In other way,  target markets are organized and specified according to a number of different factors. These factors include geography, relationship to the product, demographics, socioeconomic, behavior, and psychology. Now i will to introduce a simple example about  the geography to target market. Target groups who live in a cold place. A company that manufactures and sells winter apparel or equipment used for winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, would market to a target group consisting of people who live in areas that experience cold weather, or mountainous regions in which winter sports are very popular.



When we studying at target market, we have to consider the psychology of potential customers. It includes studying the lifestyles, values, and overall attitudes of the consumers. When companies are marketing electronic products, such as televisions or video game consoles, they must thinking about how their potential customers want to spend their free time, in order to focus their advertising on people who are very interested in entertainment and leisure. So my other example is about the who is the potential customers.

Hasbro is a toy and board game companies, which have a very specific target market. Interestingly, toy companies have a balance between target market, which is parents and children. Their products’ advertise in a specific way, because not only children are interested in the toys, but also parents are willing to buy them. The target market, in terms of adults, includes people of a certain advanced age, since younger people are less likely to have children. Families with children tend to live in suburban areas rather than in large cities or metropolitan centers, so the target market probably also includes those people who live in suburban parts of the country or the world.





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  1. Hi Thank you for sharing.

    Marketers select their ideal customer segments to target.As what the post has mentioned ,’A target market refers to the group of potential customers. In other way, target markets are organized and specified according to a number of different factors. These factors include geography, relationship to the product, demographics, socioeconomic, behavior, and psychology.’

    That’s right.Targeting is to get the right customers in your sights.The idea of targeting is selection.It is necessary to analyze the marketplace,the competitiors and the internal strengths for getting more potential customers who will be very profitable for the companies.

    Hasbro is a good example to show how the segmenting and targeting work in the business development.In addition,Targeting is one of the best tools for helping the companies to find their competive advantages to win the market.


  2. I agree targeting your marketing campaign is the best strategy to get your product out into the segment of the market who are more likely to buy. When it comes to targeting skiing gear though – marketers can still target their advertising to those who don’t necessarily live in the geographical environment where ski fields exist. True those that do live there would be a good market to target the campaigns at, but I know quite a number of people here in Brisbane – where it never snows – who travel regularly every year to enjoy their skiing.It would still be worth a company’s efforts to target their products in a way that would get the attention of this segment of the market too – such as an association with travel agencies, sponsored ads at the accommodation places close to the skiing fields etc.

    As for toys, I am not familiar with the Hasbro brand. I recall wanting to get my children what they were ‘into’ at the time – Leggo, Transformers etc, so I guess for me they were the main influence of what I bought and I suspect the marketing may well have been targeted at them.

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  3. I agree too. In order to target well, marketers must understand the consumer segments and then look carefully at their product and decide which is the best segment to target their marketing toward. I like your examples of the ski gear being marketed in colder climates and toy brands such as Hasbro being marketed to kids and their parents. As any parent knows, if their kids or their kids friends get hooked on a brand or product, this has the huge potential to be a major boost to a products sales.


  4. Hi,

    I agree. You have used some great examples.

    Following on from Lynette’s comments regarding advertising winter apparel in other geographic locations, another consideration may be advertising or marketing to geographic locations that are major thoroughfares or travel routes to ski resorts. An example that springs to mind is the increasing frequency of billboard advertising on major highways on approach to resorts and particularly on entering towns and cities. Companies and businesses can gather and analyse data relating to preferred customer routes to ski fields, popular stop-overs/stay-overs (in which to best locate their businesses), the demographic that is most likely to travel to these destinations (e.g. young families with children) and target according to these criteria. Advertising through a travel agency, as Lynette suggests, is also an ideal way of getting a brand recognized by an audience of travelers and potentially increase their exposure over competitors.


  5. With increasing affluence you can be too narrow in targeting people on geographical areas for something like snow sports. Sure a large percentage of the targeting can be done in proximity to the resorts however you can target affluent people who might engage in snow sports that live a long way from the resorts. For example Melbourne and Sydney have a large number of retail shops selling snow sports etc.

    Aldi will have a campaign selling snow apparel once a year. These items go to all Aldi stores not just the ones close to snow. The same applies to items aimed at beach holidays etc. The companies know that people with money will access these recreational pursuits regardless of where they live.


  6. I’m a bit taken aback by being described as “people of a certain advanced age”(!) but see your point.
    It’s probably worthwhile pointing out that whatever strategies are implemented won’t do diddly squat unless they are backed by market research, customer feedback and a positioning statement to have something to aim for. Otherwise, which particular deomgraphic will you target?


  7. Thank you for a great article

    Firstly, product’s companies want to catch and expend market, which should produce high quality of product, and also improve service after selling. Secondly, once customers start to believe in one product, they hardly change their mind to buy other new products, because they don’t want to stand extra risk and break this balance in their life.

    Finally, those companies should gradually cultivate loyalty of customers, which can help companies to explore and make new style product for sharing market.


  8. I agree, targeting is a useful way to create marketing plans. It helps marketers to develop and deliver personalised and relevant messages to engage with different consumer groups. This approach is more of a consumer group focused rather than product focused and this strategy helps deliver more relevant messages to appropriate consumer group.


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