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Social media has been around for only 8 years and it has impacted the world in many ways. Platform’s such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube has allowed businesses to position their brand globally. When I look at businesses and how they use social media as an advertising platform, I think of brand recognition and positioning. We all see thousands of adverts in a day but what makes an advert stand out?

WestJet’s advertising around the Christmas holidays is pure GENIUS! They have managed to brand the company with powerful emotions leading up to a time that most people look forward to, the Christmas holidays. The video clip relates to a large cohort from young children though to senior pensioners. They release the clip at a time when people are gearing up for the Christmas holidays to spend with close family. It is also a time to give and that exactly what WestJet are doing, giving back to their customers.

The video clip was uploaded to all WestJet social media channels, with millions of views and shares from people all over the world. What are your thoughts? Has WestJet used social media positioning to gain brand recognition? Have they done this correctly?


8 thoughts on “Positioning on Social Media

  1. Westjet is an airline who are delivering value via airline service and yes it was genius of westjet to come up with such an creative marketing promotion, it must have left a great positive impression on the persons on that day as well as on the audience who must have viewed it on social media, the time and money spent on doing that activity and buying gifts must have been just a penny spent relative to the advertisement and the awareness it must have created among the audience and may be future potential consumers. . . Can this move be considered as targeting strategy for the consumers segments who want there service providers not just to benchmark there service standards but should care for their consumers as a client?


  2. It is really a great and tough promotion,which definetely would leave strong impression on its customers.It may can increase repeated purchase and customers’ loyalty for its service.However,in my views,most importantly,Westjet wants to target its potential customers who are going to have holiday during Christmas through its advertisement.This is an important segement for airline industry and Westjet wants to do big promotions on there potential customers.As we can see it is a huge cost inverstment on this advertisement and promotions.Indeed,social media provides a great but expensive platform to identify customers’ need,wants and thoughts,which is benenficial for companies to make its positioning through its marketing strategies more effecitively and efficiently.Also to satisfy its cusomers’ need is the first step to improve its service,increase its brand value and develop its business in the market.


  3. I like this campaign…to me it is trying to demonstrate that WestJet are in the business of going above and beyond for their customers, and making sure everyone has a happy holiday season.
    I do wonder what they do day to day to ensure everyone is happy at the end of their flight? The images in the video when they were in the air seemed like a standard commute, and didn’t speak to different product offering.

    I find it an interesting position to take, as I know if I fly them chances are I won’t get a a new SLR camera at the end of my flight.


  4. This was a very moving campaign, and money well spent. As social media advertising is free (unless they paid for a placement), I am estimating the only costs would have been filming and cost of the gifts, making the campaign highly cost effective. The heart-warming effects of the campaign could leave a pleasant after taste to the audience and repeat purchases to the gift receivers. The usage of social media means there is a personal element, this post would appear on personal walls alongside family and friends’ posts, discussions can take place which could create a viral effect. This campaign was timed to incite the spirit of Christmas when many travel across barriers to see loved ones making it very clever indeed. However in terms of marketing strategy, the targeting was broad (all travellers of budget airlines : the young, old, and families). I feel the campaign’s effectiveness was due to the channel they used (social media) which caters to all people who have Internet access or computer literacy skills alongside a heart warming scenes, cleverly themed and timed to attract and retain customers.



  5. What an amazing campaign and to target a broad audience through the social media with such a heart warming story – indeed very clever – and most likely cost effective too to reiterate ‘atownsen2015’. They have positioned themselves as an affordable airline that provides a quality customer experience. I do take Laura’s point of view though – what they do day-to-day will need some attention to ensure all customers receive a good service, and they made need to be careful of setting customer expectations too high. Disappointed customers can quickly bring a brand into negative territory through the same social media channels.


  6. There is no doubt this is a clever campaign to gain brand recognition and promote brand awareness, and the social media platform is an effective way to circulate the commercial to a wide target audience.

    I would assume that consumers would know who WestJet are and that they offer a low cost alternative, but this commercial is a great way for WestJet to stand out from the crowd of countless airlines in Canada and the United States and is a strategic move to position itself as an airline who seems to care about their passengers. However, their standard of service also needs to meet customers expectations in order to be an airline of choice, otherwise people will not use them. Customers also know that they won’t be getting a big screen TV when they fly, so what are they really offering and what is their point of difference? Apart from giving those particular travellers a heart warming surprise, they haven’t mentioned anything about their in-flight service or anything else they offer, so how will they attract and retain their customers? Realistically, people would still be purchasing a ticket primarily based on service and price.


  7. The further we get in to this unit, the more i realise that interactive campaigns are the most effective. Filming people experiencing something surprising and touching is moving for the viewer and is highly likely to be shared – each share creates more and more impressions and essentially becomes free advertising.
    I think the days of straight TV advertising of product and service are fading, it must be combined with a social media ‘experience’ to truly gain the ultimate amount of exposure. Although the comments above have a very valid argument that this campaign speaks nothing of the airline product or service, I am sure they have paired this social media campaign with their mainstream advertising – so that this particular video aims to show the company going above and beyond and appealing to the spirit of Christmas.


  8. Wow, very well done by WestJet and great use of social media. As mentioned in the comment above I’m sure this specific marketing campaign goes hand-in-hand with the companies ongoing marketing to ensure a loyal customer base. The clip certainly pulls at the heart strings but this alone will not ensure bums on seats as the price and service also needs to be right in what I’m sure is a very competitive market. I often travel over the Christmas period and one thing this clip did teach me is remember to ask for the big screen TV and not a pair of socks!


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