Targeting on social media

Targeting on social media is becoming easier than ever, with techniques that allow you target specific demographics, geographics, and interests. The technology can tell you exactly how many people there are in a particular location, making it a viable source for businesses to determine a potential client base.

The video below provides a visual description of how targeting can be achieved on Facebook. It gives particular description to how to target particular demographics from 2:00 minutes until 5:30 minutes.

These targeting techniques are easily accessible to all businesses wanting to advertise on social media, and it is making advertising to a particular segment is easier than ever.

However it doesn’t ensure that the audience will be interested in your product.


By narrowing down the field to target our advertisements so specifically to a segment, are we savataging our own advertisements on social media and eliminating potential customers?


8 thoughts on “Targeting on social media

  1. A very informative little YouTube clip demonstrating how easy it is to target your campaign to an identified segment within the social media site of Facebook. It seemed so easy that I think I could possibly do it!

    The question posed at the end of this blog was asking whether the process we would risk potential customers by such specific segmentation. I can see the concern raised but my view is that it really is dependant upon the quality of the segmentation of the product market.

    The aim of segmentation is to identify groups of customers who share similar views, behaviours, demographics, geography, etc. that would make them inclined to purchase a particular product. If you are confident in identifying the relevant segments then I think you can be confident that the potential customers within these segments are the ones most likely to be converted from potential customer to customer. Targeting outside the identified segments may see some additional customers but generally you are more likely to see your conversion rate of potential customers to customers fall.

    The issue that you may face within social media sites such as Facebook is whether their criteria provided in identifying the market segments provides the granularity to correctly identify the segmentations you have identified. Whilst the main criteria existed in Facebook i.e. Age, Location, Gender, etc. what about the segment you were aiming for was Single Parents with a Degree or above. This potentially would be difficult to target through Facebook.

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    • I agree, it shocked me how easily these features are readably available to anyone who wishes to use them!

      Thank-you for your comment and view, I absolutely agree that if segmentation is completed successfully there should be minimal risk to potential customers. Your point raised on targeting multiple selective criteria is a very interesting too, it would is important to remember that it is difficult to conduct marketing towards segments that are too specific.

      Social media can be an efficient tool, but i think it is also essential to remember that at the end of the day, it is just one resource available to us.


  2. Hi All,

    Thank you for the interesting post.

    Targeting is the second step for STP which is after companies make its segmentation.When we get our potential customers in our sights,we are supposed to get them-That is targeting,while techniques provide a great tool for individuals or companies to target their clients in their sights.’How to target your audience on facebook’ is a real example to show how to do targeting.In my views,there three main advantages to target your clients by technique.First,it can target specific demographics,geographic and behaviours more effiently and effectively.Second,it can reduce time cost and money cost to achieve your goal about targeting.Third,it also can get feedbacks from the market more quickly and if the direction was wrong,it could be changed in short time rather than getting big loss.

    However,techniques is very expensive tool which can not be covered in all the areas,thus how to identify the most suitable channels for targeting products is mainly based on companies’ capabilities,resourse,business strategies,etc.

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    • Thank-you for your comment.
      The three main points you have highlighted as advantages to this are very realistic. The third point you raise about using social media as a quick and effective way to “test the water” is particularly an interesting point, perhaps this could become an integral part of testing a strategy before it was completely rolled out.


      • That’s right.Before the marketing strategies for specific segement are completely rolled out,it’s better to get some feedbacks from our potential customers in the market.It is the best way to reduce risks for business development,while the social media is one of the most effective way to achieve that goal.

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  3. I agree with the comment by tinahuawang, that is the point of STP and we are supposed to target those customers, Facebook is just a tool in the scheme of things and I think giving that platform if people are uninterested they will quickly look this over. Rather in platforms like fb or other social media let this occur or get it wrong on national TV., looks even worse.

    It also very much depends what the marketing strategy is going to be, wide marketing of products will catch and throw back.

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    • Thank-you for your feedback!
      One of the most important points you raise here is about Facebook being a tool. This is true of all social media. Marketing on Facebook can be effective, but i think it is just as important to use social media platforms in combination with each other.

      While almost everybody uses social media, it does not reflect how many people will engage with advertisements/businesses on the platform.
      It terms of a marketing strategy, in order to get the most out of social media, perhaps the most effective marketing campaigns should aim to engage the audience to stimulate a conversation.


  4. Whilst I am unable to view the video, the summary and screen shots indicates how easy it is to target people on Facebook. I would agree with previous comments that this sort of marketing is only one marketing option available. I think that using social media to target some customers will be an inefficient way to market your product.

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