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Good morning,

I was wondering how much scope we have with our blog topics?  I like the idea of Big data and the delivery of enhanced customer relations.  The reason is that I see real time large data set analytics improving the relationship at a micro and macro level by better targeting of resources, reduction of wastage and better logistics management to name a few.  It is also a field of active research.  At the same time there is the conundrum of the privacy concerns as well as ensuring accuracy and appropriate usage of the data.


One thought on “Blogging topic

  1. Hi pmcleo,

    I like your idea of evolving with a new area of topics other than the ones which are already at stake for many students(please do not mind my sarcasm). I do have some knowledge on Big Data Analytics, but I personally feel they are more into the technical aspect of data set and information. If considered the scope of all the above given topics on a lump some basis, i would regard them to be on a creative level of marketing or rather the bits and bites of it. Without them, marketing has no specific existence, hence selling out all the products in random. To be crisp, all these topics have a wide and ongoing benefit in marketing and would prefer anyone working on them before entering into data and analytics, a further more specific approach in market research.


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